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women career counselling Kitsilano

women career counselling KitsilanoAre you in search of women’s career counselling in Kitsilano? Contact Lyn Firth from The Life You Want and discover how you can take that first step that will lead to a more fulfilling career.

If you’re struggling with career advancement but lack the confidence you need to show yourself as the leader you are somewhere deep inside, you may be feeling angry and resentful toward others around you who are advancing or being promoted. You know you are capable of more, yet you don’t believe in yourself enough to take the reins and do what it takes to achieve a more rewarding and challenging job.

If you feel stuck in an unsatisfying situation and are filled with doubt, it can be very difficult trying to decide what to do. Whatever situation you find yourself in, if you are unsure of what to do next, it’s time to stop and get in tune with what your gut is telling you. Women’s career counselling in Kitsilano can help you make sense out of the doubt you’re feeling and help you align with who you really are and what you want out of life.

If you are in a dead-end or stalled career, it can be very beneficial to seek help to overcome the fear of taking risks necessary to obtain that position or career you want. Women’s career counselling at The Life You Want in Kitsilano can help you discover your passions, purpose, interests and abilities so you can achieve the fulfillment you’re searching for. Consider a few of the benefits you’ll receive with career counselling at The Life You Want:

– Counselling can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses through testing that is designed to match your skills, strengths and abilities with the essential components of specific careers. The result is that you may discover you have been working in the wrong industry- one that does not fulfill you or does not maximize on your talents.

– Counselling can teach you how to set goals that will produce greater results down the road. If you personally struggle with making and reaching goals, this can be a career changer for you!

– Few women are aware of the range of choices available to them today with regard to career opportunities, which is one reason why they get stuck in a job or career that takes them nowhere. Learning more about what is out there can open your eyes to the opportunities available to you.

– Discovering that you don’t have the training or education necessary to advance can be critical in taking much-needed steps in empowering yourself to start advancing. Support is very helpful and comforting during this transitional time.

Find your best future with women’s career counselling at The Life You Want in Kitsilano. Contact Lyn Firth by calling 604-809-7438 or send her an email at to schedule a free 15 minute consultation or book a session for counselling. You’ll be glad you did! women career counselling Kitsilano

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