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Pink Gas Mask


Information on the Pink Gas Mask
Pink Gas Mask is a craft cannabis strain that has everything you could want in a cannabis strain. This fashionable Indica-dominant hybrid combines plump, healthy nugs with a distinctive coloration and a potent range of effects, making it an ideal choice for the cannabis aficionado. Its strong, gassy odour is immediately noticeable, but it also has a few distinct tones, such as vanilla and tasty-sweet candy. For the inexperienced nose, these modifications make Pink Gas Mask’s genetics difficult to pin down.

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Pink Kush, a colourful OG Kush descendent with brilliant pink tones, is the ancestor of this strain. The amber and pink hairs that emerge from between nugs are highlighted by these colours, which emphasise the dark green hues prevalent to Pink Kush blooms. Pink Gas Mask continues the genetic line’s distinctive colouring. Under the thick, sticky coating of trichomes that coat each bud, giving Pink Gas mask flower the look of a powdered doughnut, it’s easy to miss all of that amazing coloration.

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