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Hellfire OG

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Indica/Sativa hybrid Hellfire OG was produced by combining Rascal’s OG Kush with SFV OG Kush. It is one of the rarest hybrids on the market. Hellfire OG is a classic mix that will make you want to kick back instead of getting up and active. It is one of the most desired strains around Halifax Weed. The average THC content of 23-29 percent gives this strain a hard-hitting high that slams the mind and body with no mercy.

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On first inhale, you’ll feel an intense surge of happiness and bliss in your mind as the cerebral effects kick in. With a slumbery undertone that develops as the high continues, you’ll find yourself drifting off into a deep sleep. For these reasons and because of its great potency, Hellfire OG is often advised to those who suffer from illnesses such as chronic pain and sleeplessness. So, Halifax residents, feel free to embark in a journey of euphoria through our Halifax weed delivery services.  An exhale of strong, sour pine is followed by the typical lemon diesel taste. When burned, the nugs have a spicy scent of lemony woods and deep diesel with a pungent earthy overtone. Tobacco buds of this kind feature large flat minty green nugs covered in a frosty covering of crystal trichomes that exude delicious, resinous sweetness.



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