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Animal Candy


Animal Candy is a strain.

We were delighted to get our hands on Tru Infusion’s crop of Animal Candy from local dispensary, Oasis, because they’re one of Arizona’s top producers. The hybrid combines Animal Cookies (GSC x Fire OG) and Candyland (GDP x Platinum Cookies) for a dark, sugary-purple spin on the original Cookies line, making it one of the Phoenix Valley’s most touted strains. Opening Tru Infusion’s wood-top jar is “like a kid opening toys on Christmas,” as one critic described it, and it’s a good way to detach from reality in a feel-good, playful-yet-docile splash.

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The buds were stunning, bright and heavily frosted, with a grizzled beard of bronze hairs. They were dense and resinous to the point where our fingers, the grinder, and the entire room reeked. When broken down, the scent embodied Candyland’s essences: spicy wood, musky with an earthy, though not pine-like pungence, and the classic lemon and gasoline undertones. One user wrote, “Smell is top-10 I’ve ever personally smelt.” “However, the most distinguishing feature has to be the sticky nature of the buds.”


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