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Alien Cookies

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This strain was produced by crossing Alien Dawg with Girl Scout Cookies and is one of the best in Weed Delivery Halifax, which has a 50/50 mix of Sativa and Indica. Because of the perfect mix of its parents’ effects, this bud is extremely difficult to obtain, yet it is always worth it. While the high from Alien Cookies is modest on the first dose, it can become debilitating if you take more. 

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Your mood is immediately lifted by the positive effects before a tremendous couch-lock and an insatiable hunger set in, leaving your mind wondering whether or not to sleep or consume everything in your house. Inexperienced users and those who have taken a few hits often report falling asleep as the euphoria intensifies. As a result of these effects, Alien Cookies can be used to treat diseases such as chronic pain and appetite loss. If the nugs are burned, they emit a powerful kush scent with notes of sweet vanilla and a tinge of earthy earthiness that is unexpectedly delicious.”Alien Cookies” is an amber-haired neon green nug with a thick frosty amber-colored crystal trichome covering among Halifax Marijuana Delivery.  We believe in excellent customer service, inexpensive pricing, free weed delivery! 



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